• Identify improper denials and secure your revenue cycle from problematic payors.


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According to a 2013 study by the American Medical Association, more than $43 billion could have been saved since 2010 if “commercial insurers consistently paid claims.”

How much smaller would that statistic be if providers had the right words?

Third-party payors process a huge volume of accounts, delaying and denying payment on thousands of claims every year. They do this knowing that most inconsistent practices are accepted without question and that medical providers do not have the time and legal expertise to write appeal letters.

N O W   Y O U   D O.

RevAssurance Online commands the knowledge and tools used by the Claims Compliance Experts of ERN/The Reimbursement Advocacy Firm.

  • The RevAssurance Online Dashboard is the main portal to all RevAssurance Online modules.
Write More Powerful Appeals
Respond to Problematic Payors with Statutes, Regulations, and Case Law
Reduce Days in Accounts Receivable and Bad Debt Write Offs
File Online complaints with State and Federal Regulatory Agencies
Preserve Patient Access to Care
Educate Patients on their Rights

At ERN, we strive to provide the industry with the very best education and tools for reimbursement advocacy, and to help you advocate for medically appropriate healthcare pursuant to Wickline vs. State.

RevAssurance Online is also a robust training program for new and existing employees to access administrative laws that enforce timely reimbursement and combats improper denials.

As a member, you will receive early access to all the new resources offered in RevAssurance Online, including:

  • Denial Topics Encyclopedia
  • The New Appeal Letter Generator
  • A Library of Rebuttal Scripts
  • A map of Regulatory Agencies and their jurisdictions
  • Interest Calculation Resources

Resources For Each Jurisdiction