Product License Agreement (RevAssurance version 4.5 and older)

This Product License Agreement is the controlling document for all legal rights and responsibilities of ERN Enterprises, Inc. and its customers who purchase “REVAssurance 4.5”, “REVAssurance 4.0”, and older versions of RevAssurance.


ERN Enterprises is not acting as your attorney in connection with delayed or denied claims for medical coverage by various insurance companies. ERN Enterprises training services do not constitute legal advice or legal consultation and do not establish an attorney-client relationship. The determination of the need for legal services and the choice of legal counsel are the sole responsibility of the Provider. You are encouraged to seek independent legal advice at your sole discretion.


ERN Enterprises, Inc., appreciates your consideration to use REVAssurance to assist you combat unfair payment patterns in claims recovery. When you purchase this denial management system from ERN, or any of its licensed resellers, you are purchasing a limited license to use the program at one location on twenty (20) computers per user license purchased. The product remains the exclusive property of ERN Enterprises, Inc.

This License Agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which you are granted the limited license to use our product. It is very important that you carefully read all of this agreement so that you can be fully informed of your rights, privileges and responsibilities under federal copyright law.


You have the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the licensed program at one location on twenty (20) computers per user license purchased.

You may not copy, duplicate or transfer to other locations, businesses, or persons the licensed software, prior versions of this software, or any associated documentation. Very importantly, you may not copy, modify, transfer, or in any way duplicate the software, wholly or in part, the documentation, or other parts of the product in a way which is not precisely allowed by this agreement.

Term of License

This license is effective until terminated by your destroying all physical or electronic copies of the materials, or return to ERN Enterprises, Inc. of all physical and electronic copies of these materials. This license will also be terminated by your failure to comply with this agreement. As an example, using this program licensed in one location at a different location, whether or not at the same time, terminates your license to use the product and is copyright infringement.

Limited Warranty

ERN Enterprises, Inc. (licensor) warrants that for a period of ninety days from the date of purchase of the original program, REVAssurance will perform substantially as described in the Licensor‘s manuals. This may be extended for the life of the product by maintaining Disk Update Service for a fee from the Licensor of the licensed software.

Licensor makes, and you receive, no other warranty expressed or implied. This warranty cannot be modified, verbally or otherwise. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made concerning the following: suitability, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, utility or ultimate benefit to the licensee. In no case will damages exceed the amount paid to licensor (ERN Enterprises, Inc.) by Licensee or Licensee‘s reseller or agent.

Licensor is not responsible for any consequential loss or damages, including (but not limited to) business interruption, inconvenience, or loss of income resulting from actions caused or alleged to be caused by Licensor or Licensor’s resellers or agents.


You agree that all documentation, disks, programs, techniques, appeal letters, and processes contained in the software are the exclusive property of ERN Enterprises, Inc. and you agree these items constitute copyrighted and/or patented material of ERN Enterprises, Inc. and will be safeguarded by you. You may not reproduce any of these materials, except as provided herein, or with the written permission of ERN Enterprises, Inc. (not its agents, distributors, or resellers).

You may not transfer, sub-license, lease, rent, time-share or lend this software, your copies, or any related material without prior written consent from ERN Enterprises, Inc. itself. You may not remove or obscure ERN Enterprises, Inc. copyright or trademark notices in either hardcopy or machine readable portions of the software. Any distribution of original or reproduced materials, whether for profit or not, is copyright infringement and is protected and administered by criminal and civil statutes.

You may print or modify the appeal letters contained within REVAssurance only if this usage is solely for the personal use of the licensed user on behalf of the purchasers own business claim appeal practice. Any unauthorized reproduction, modification, distribution, derivative works from, or in any way exploit of its contents in part or in whole is prohibited and will be considered a violation of the user license.

Any access to the appeal letter database contained within REVAssurance by any means other than by the program, for any purpose, is strictly prohibited.


The product as it is distributed on the original computer media is your backup copy of the product for the executing version at your registered location and should be filed in a safe place. You may also make labeled REVAssurance backup copies of your installed programs only for restoration on computers used at your same registered location. You must retain such archival copies in your possession and reproduce the copyright notice from the original disks and written materials on all such copies.

Updates to the Software

Updates and enhancements to the software may be made available from time to time at various prices. If you violate the terms of our license agreement, ERN Enterprises, Inc. is under no obligation to provide you any updates or support and your rights to use the program are lost.


This license shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of the County of Orange and the state of California. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of this agreement shall not affect the remaining provisions hereof.

Any modifications to licensed programs performed by person(s) other than employees or contracted agents of ERN Enterprises, Inc. voids this warranty. Copyright infringement is a serious crime covered by Federal copyright laws, criminal and civil statutes. This agreement is provided to protect both the rights of the software publisher and the legitimate, licensed software user. Your registering the software indicates your acceptance to the terms and conditions of this agreement. ERN Enterprises, Inc. makes important enhancements and improvements to our software on an ongoing basis; your compliance with the licensing agreement is necessary to notify you of these innovations or to provide you with support.

REVAssurance is designed to assist medical providers with appealing wrongfully denied insurance claims and enforcing prompt payment laws. We are not extending legal advice regarding any subject matter. If you are unsure about your legal rights in any dispute, you should consult an attorney.

Copyright Information: © ERN ENTERPRISES, INC. and its licensors