RevAssurance Online Enterprise

RevAssurance Online Enterprise extends the RevAssurance experience to cover a customized array of payor jurisdictions.



With a RevAssurance Online Enterprise subscription, you can extend your RevAssurance experience to cover a customized array of payor jurisdictions.

With over 200 appeal, demand, and script templates, this Denial Management and Training Platform will improve cash flow and reduce bad debt write-offs by assisting providers appeal improper denials, establish policies and procedures for managed care recovery, track the disposition of unpaid and denied claims and provide denial prevention reporting and analysis.

RevAssurance Online Enterprise includes all the core modules of RevAssurance Online:

  • A Denial Topics Encyclopedia
  • A brand new Appeal Letter Generator and Letter Library (Exports directly to Microsoft Word!)
  • A Library of Rebuttal Scripts
  • A map of Regulatory Agencies and their jurisdictions
  • Interest Calculation Resources

To start, the base of your Online Enterprise subscription will cover all three (3) Federal jurisdictions:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans (MA)
  • ERISA Plans
  • Veterans Affairs (VA)
Then, you can extend your subscription to cover any number of State Jurisdictions. If RevAssurance does not already support your requested jurisdiction, our team will build them, on demand.*
You will learn how to fight problematic payors on burdensome denials such as:
  • Authorization Timeframes
  • Interest Owed on Late Claims
  • Maternity Coverage
  • Medical Necessity – Qualified Reviews
  • No Authorization for ER
  • Notice Requirements for Adverse Determinations
  • Recoupments
  • Retroactive Denials for Authorized Care
  • Timeframes for Post-Stabilization Denials OR Authorizations
  • Timely Payment – Definition of a Clean Claim AND MORE!


*NOTE: our team will only build resources for jurisdictions requested in your order form. If you would like to request more jurisdictions after you have been invoiced for a pay period, you must purchase a State Component.