Claims Representation

  • An unprecedented 50% of the nation’s hospitals losing money from operations. (Thomson Reuters)
  • Trauma centers and emergency departments across the U.S. have been closing at alarming rates.
  • The burden of uncompensated care is growing, resulting in 1.) Decreasing resources and critical access to care for patients and 2.) The threat of less specialists and emergency providers who are able to care for all patients.

The Reimbursement Advocacy Firm (TRAF) helps providers keep their doors open, ensuring patient access to critical trauma and medically necessary care. TRAF redresses power inequities that exist between health plans and providers.

Our legislative voice and presence in the healthcare industry has allowed us to create a revolutionary division at the increasing demand of provider members who want a fresh alternative to the “conventional” collection agency.

When it comes to reimbursement, the healthcare landscape can be perilous. But TRAF has the tools to show the way. With our nationwide experience, we can customize our enforcement campaigns for the laws in your state. The topics below sample the most urgent denials reported by our provider membership. As industry experts, we can address any denial trends that effect your facility.

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