37 Fla. Stat §641.513(3)(b-c)

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(b) If a determination has been made that an emergency medical condition exists and the subscriber has notified the hospital, or the hospital emergency personnel otherwise have knowledge that the patient is a subscriber of the health maintenance organization, the hospital must make a reasonable attempt to notify the subscriber’s primary care physician, if known, or the health maintenance organization, if the health maintenance organization had previously requested in writing that the notification be made directly to the health maintenance organization, of the existence of the emergency medical condition. If the primary care physician is not known, or has not been contacted, the hospital must:

1. Notify the health maintenance organization as soon as possible prior to discharge of the subscriber from the emergency care area; or

2. Notify the health maintenance organization within 24 hours or on the next business day after admission of the subscriber as an inpatient to the hospital.

(c) If the subscriber’s primary care physician responds to the notification, the hospital physician and the primary care physician may discuss the appropriate care and treatment of the subscriber. The health maintenance organization may have a member of the hospital staff with whom it has a contract participate in the treatment of the subscriber within the scope of the physician’s hospital staff privileges. The subscriber may be transferred, in accordance with state and federal law, to a hospital that has a contract with the health maintenance organization and has the service capability to treat the subscriber’s emergency medical condition.

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