42 USC § 1395ddd (f)(2)

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(2) Limitation on recoupment

(A) In general

In the case of a provider of services or supplier that is determined to have received an overpayment under this subchapter and that seeks a reconsideration by a qualified independent contractor on such determination under section 1395ff(b)(1) of this title, the Secretary may not take any action (or authorize any other person, including any medicare contractor, as defined in subparagraph (C)) to recoup the overpayment until the date the decision on the reconsideration has been rendered. If the provisions of section 1395ff(b)(1) of this title (providing for such a reconsideration by a qualified independent contractor) are not in effect, in applying the previous sentence any reference to such a reconsideration shall be treated as a reference to a redetermination by the fiscal intermediary or carrier involved.

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