CA Ins Code §10133.66(a)

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Deadlines shall not be imposed for the receipt of a claim from a professional provider who submits a claim on behalf of an insured or pursuant to a professional provider’s contract with a health insurer that is less than 90 days for contracted providers and 180 days for noncontracted providers after the date of service, except as required by any state or federal law or regulation. If a health insurer is not the primary payor under coordination of benefits, the insurer shall not impose a deadline for submitting supplemental or coordination of benefits claims to any secondary payor that is less than 90 days from the date of payment or date of contest, denial, or notice from the primary payor. A health insurer that denies a claim because it was filed beyond the claim filing deadline shall, upon provider’s demonstration of good cause for the delay, accept and adjudicate the claim according to Section 10123.13 or 10123.147, whichever is applicable.

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