GA Code §33-24-59.14(b)(1)

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(b)(1) All benefits under a health benefit plan will be payable by the insurer or administrator which is obligated to finance or deliver health care services or process claims under that plan upon such insurer’s or administrator’s receipt of written or electronic proof of loss or claim for payment for health care goods or services provided. The insurer or administrator shall within 15 working days for electronic claims or 30 calendar days for paper claims after such receipt mail or send electronically to the facility or health care provider claiming payments under the plan payment for such benefits or a letter or notice which states the reasons the insurer or administrator may have for failing to pay the claim, either in whole or in part, and which also gives the facility or health care provider so notified a written itemization of any documents or other information needed to process the claim or any portions thereof which are not being paid.

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