NV Rev Stat §695G.230(2)

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(2) If a health carrier denies coverage of a health care service to an insured, including, without limitation, a health maintenance organization that denies a claim related to a health care plan pursuant to NRS 695C.185, it shall notify the insured in writing within 10 working days after it denies coverage of the health care service of:

(a) The reason for denying coverage of the service;

(b) The criteria by which the health carrier or insurer determines whether to authorize or deny coverage of the health care service;

(c) The right of the insured to:

(1) File a written complaint and the procedure for filing such a complaint;

(2) Appeal an adverse determination pursuant to NRS 695G.241 to 695G.310, inclusive;

(3) Receive an expedited external review of an adverse determination if the health carrier receives proof from the insured’s provider of health care that failure to proceed in an expedited manner may jeopardize the life or health of the insured, including notification of the procedure for requesting the expedited external review; and

(4) Receive assistance from any person, including an attorney, for an external review of an adverse determination; and

(d) The telephone number of the Office for Consumer Health Assistance.

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