Ohio Rev Code §3901.388(A,C)

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(A) A payment made by a third-party payer to a provider in accordance with sections 3901.381 to 3901.386 of the Revised Code shall be considered final two years after payment is made. After that date, the amount of the payment is not subject to adjustment, except in the case of fraud by the provider.

(C) The notice of overpayment a third-party payer is required to give a provider under division (B) of this section shall be made in writing and shall specify all of the following:

(1) The full name of the beneficiary who received the health care services for which overpayment was made;

(2) The date or dates the services were provided;

(3) The amount of the overpayment;

(4) The claim number or other pertinent numbers;

(5) A detailed explanation of basis for the third-party payer’s determination of overpayment;

(6) The method in which payment was made, including, for tracking purposes, the date of payment and, if applicable, the check number;

(7) That the provider may appeal the third-party payer’s determination of overpayment, if the provider responds to the notice within thirty days;

(8) The method by which recovery of the overpayment would be made, if recovery proceeds under division (B) of this section.

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