REVAssurance 4.5 Government is an intuitive, single browser based program that simplifies prompt payment law research and application at your fingertips.

With over 150 appeal, demand, and script templates, this Denial Management and Training Program will improve cash flow and reduce bad debt write-offs by assisting providers appeal improper denials, establish policies and procedures for managed care recovery, track the disposition of unpaid and denied claims and provide denial prevention reporting and analysis.

Information is Care. Improve Cash Flow And Patient Care For Your Facility.

Using 4.5, your staff will be able to search the knowledge base for affidavits, appeal letters, demands, policies procedures, scripted responses and regulatory links, allowing them to reduce the time to answer review and denial tactics used by insurers. With a complete library of our information base, your support staff will also be able to work as a more efficient and cohesive team to protect patient and providers rights and improve your bottom line.

REVAssurance empowers your staff to have immediate access to all the information that you need to provide to them. They will visit the knowledge base portal and instantly be able to find the answers they need from a selection of powerful articles and templates.

REVAssurance 4.5: The Ultimate In-House Training System

Use REVAssurance to reduce the post training time for new or transferred employees, and lower the cost that is involved by minimizing the one-on-one hands-on training required after completing your initial ERN course. The knowledge base will make all the necessary information instantly available to augment what new staff have learned in actual, live situations.

Eliminate Bad Debt Write Offs and Routine 3rd Party Assignments

REVAssurance will provide your front and back end support representatives with the ability to handle most issues, without the need to escalate a claim or matter to legal or your collection agency.

By standardizing front and back end representative responses, you will streamline your efforts to maximize your representatives’ effectiveness, reduce callbacks, and build tighter relationships with your patients and payors.