Our clients told us they wanted to simplify the process of referring to Federal and State Regulations that protect patient and provider rights, so we focused our creative effort on bringing the most common payer challenges and the applicable statutory authority citations and/or case law in one easy to use package.

Ed Norwood

REVassurance is your prescription for a better
health care delivery system:

pen Write More Powerful Appeals
 scale Respond to Problematic Payors with Statutes, Regulations, and Case Law
 money Accelerate Cash Flow
 dollar Reduce Days in Accounts Receivable and Bad Debt Write Offs
 phone Spend Less Time on the Phone
 book Improve Training Return on Investment
 checkmark Increase Overturn Success Rate
 cross Preserve Patient Access to Care
 cap Educate Patient on Rights
 california Ensure Your Compliance to Advocate for Medically Appropiate Healthcare Per CA B&P code § 510
 gavel Minimize Claims from Spilling Over into Legal Department or Court System
 california Research Applicable Laws in Other States
 capitol File Online Complaints with State and Federal Regulatory Agencies and MORE!