Rebuttal Scripts

Having trouble finding the right words to say?

Rebuttal Scripts provide you with verbal responses to help you fight denials in phone calls and conference meetings.

When you’re facing a payor in real-time, you need to be sharp and quick to demonstrate the force of the law is on your side. Rebuttal scripts will help you communicate to payors their responsibility for prompt payment compliance.

Rebuttal Scripts provide you with quick responses to help you fight denials over the phone.

Rebuttal Scripts feature investigation questions, rebuttals, and a disclaimer you may read to the payor.

The investigation questions are for your use during your investigation of the claim’s denial. These questions are designed to help ensure that your premise for fighting the denial is correct. If you are not able to answer these questions affirmatively or do not feel some questions apply, you may want to see if there is another topic that better matches the circumstances of your claim.

The rebuttals section addresses common statements and arguments brought by payors. Repeat these rebuttals when you hear payors bring any of these arguments to you.

The final disclaimer section outlines the payor’s responsibility to prompt payment compliance and the next steps in your compliance investigation.

To find the Rebuttal Script that works for your claim, you can visit the Denial Topic Encyclopedia and browse our list of topics to find the one that matches the circumstances of your claim. Then, under the Rebuttal Script section, click “EXPAND” to view the script that is most relevant for this kind of denial.