MYTHBUSTER: Does the ALJ system work?

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MYTH:  The ALJ System doesn’t work.

FACT:  The ALJ System DOES work.

In a case study, a patient was referred to the provider’s emergency facility by her primary doctor, for evaluation and treatment of coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath with respiratory distress with suspicion of pneumonia. the provider called the patient’s health plan and spoke to a case manager nurse who stated it was okay to admit the patient and requested for a fax sheet to be sent. The patient was then admitted into the facility pursuant to the health plan’s verbal authorization. The next day, the patient was discharged with no disapproval of care from the MAO. 

Two months later, the provider received a denial for the patient’s stay. After months of upholding the same denial, ERN requested an ALJ hearing on behalf of the provider. 

In January 2015, ERN received a Notice of Hearing with the scheduled hearing date.

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